Dienstag, 9. August 2011


Hello Gals & Boys ... 

a few days ago I had my nails done and can hardly typ right lmao. They are stiletto shapes nails in pink & black. Photo will soon follow. Srry. I have totally stepped out of HimeBerry and am starting my own thing even if im slow OMFG xD. New Hair & Make Products are already bought and I am waiting for them to arrive *_* I can't wait!

A few weeks ago, I started watching HANA YORI DANGO! And I am now a HUGE FAN of Matsumoto Jun (MatsuJun) 

                                                                      *HE SO HOT*

LMAO ... I just can't get enough of the show either ... i wish they could do another movie or so. But well ;_;

Thats all for now ... ^^

xoxo Tanee

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

New Decisions to make ...

Hey you all ...

so alot have happend since my last post and yes i havent been posting  much recently. Ummm ... the reason is why I am posting now is because a lot have things changed quite so far. One of my best girls, Suzu of the Gyarusa Himeberry, left and I am very sad. And I am going to tell the truth! Yes there has been a fight going on and no she hasnt left only because of the fight, she had personal problems as well. And the thing is as we had this fight I kind a realized that, in a Gal-sa you do kinda need the MONEY. And i am a hard working Gal who lives on her own with Boyfriend. I can't ALWAYS buy new cloths, nails, make and so on. I have rent to pay, food to buy and so on so on. xD I will keep doing the Gyaru Style, try to improve my style as well. But I kind a think a Gyarusa isn't the right for me now. And not only that, its also because with out Suzu it's kind a depressing xD I like her very much as a friend and it hurts to see her leave. And I to have personal things going on. And I am thinking of leaving the Gyarusa. : / A Gyaru DOES NOT have to be in a circle to be Gal ... you can be Gal without one and still have you're friends and thats what i have come up with. I might just start doing my OWN thing. : D Maybe if I come clear with my mind and made all my right decisions i might also be able to post new interesting things and feel much better. I know that is no excuise but that's how I feel right now. : (

I will try to do my best in the future and will be honest and try everything I can to improve my so called "Gyaru-Self" xD

Much Love

-Tanee xoxo

Montag, 30. Mai 2011


i am actually a huge fan of cocona (her style not the movies xD)
She has a really cool style and I thought i might post some pics of her. I wish to improve my style. She is quit a inspiration.

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Chaudalyns Giveaway ; and new post!

Hi everyone ...
Its me Tanee, i havent posted in ages ... i got a bit lazy after work and so on.
I have been added by alot of Gals and Gyaruos lately and I have send friend requests as well. And one of them was a young good looking Gyaru Mama Chaudalyn! You may know her from Facebook or www.Chaudie.net

Her Blog is so awsome! I love her post about Cocona! I am a huge Cocona fan (her style not her movies xD) She is also doing a very cute giveaway! 

I think her giveaway is very cute and simple. : ) The Eyelash Mascara looks very hot ... i love Eyelash Mascara! <3 

You can find her giveaway under this link: Chaudies Giveaway <3 

Well so far now ... i will be posting later : ) i will be also updating a few links of Gyaru Blogs i really love! :)

Much Love,

Tanee xoxo

Freitag, 29. April 2011

New Layout for our Gyarusa

Hi there again! 

I actually wanted to show you all how i managed to change our Blog for the HimeBerry Gal-Sa and i created a new designed Header for us, cause actually I had enough of the "Little Miss Princess" thing, our old header that was actually also to see in my Blog as the Header. And i decided to go somewhere Nightlife-ish. And thought then, "Hey why don't you set it up with a few Pics and a little Bling. Cause what i saw, is that this whole Princess, white-baby-pink, is going all to the wrong way, what i think is a bit OUT! Now that the summertime is actually coming up, and tho i want to also get my girls into going into Bars and Clubs and having fun, wearing of course hot outfits like WOOO! I kind came up with that brand new designed Header! That Header has a lot of those kind of Ideas with in it! And i thought they would all like it and they do! So if you want to visit it and leave comments, that would be very cool! Hier ist the Link:

Here I am gonna put a pic of our Header so that you can get a small look on how its looks like:

Now I am going to put up the old one, so you can see the diffrence ... xD

It is a total diffrence isn't it.
So tell me how you like and leave comments! :)

Much Love,


Dienstag, 26. April 2011


I finally made the Layout I always dreamed of! :) After getting my laptop fixed, I can finally make those layouts that truley match my imagination! :) Hope you all like it, i took almost an hour to get it like i want it. :)

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

GAL MEET 10.04.2011

Srry you all that this is coming pretty late.
Our Circle had a Gal Meet Up on the 10th of April 2011. And what can i say?! It was wonderful! My Boyfriend and i decided to go schooluniform and at home it looked GREAT. But then: "Oh hello Wind! U son of a bitch!" We meet at the Trainstaion in Fürth/ Germany at 13:30 O'clock and about 20 - 30 minutes later we headed up to the Sakura Festival. It was kinda dissapointing not seeing many Sakura Trees as maybe most of us all thought! We started of going "sight-seeing" and there were alot of interessting stuff! Cosplayers and such.
We also came to meet Hinabi and her friend Barbara!
We had alot of fun talking and laughing. Made alot of Pics. But with my stupid Cam, i only have 1 good pic!

After a while i had to leave, i had health problems and eventually i had to go home. X/
But i hope that the next meeting will start out better. And that there will be no wind or what so ever to mess up my hair and make.