Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

New Decisions to make ...

Hey you all ...

so alot have happend since my last post and yes i havent been posting  much recently. Ummm ... the reason is why I am posting now is because a lot have things changed quite so far. One of my best girls, Suzu of the Gyarusa Himeberry, left and I am very sad. And I am going to tell the truth! Yes there has been a fight going on and no she hasnt left only because of the fight, she had personal problems as well. And the thing is as we had this fight I kind a realized that, in a Gal-sa you do kinda need the MONEY. And i am a hard working Gal who lives on her own with Boyfriend. I can't ALWAYS buy new cloths, nails, make and so on. I have rent to pay, food to buy and so on so on. xD I will keep doing the Gyaru Style, try to improve my style as well. But I kind a think a Gyarusa isn't the right for me now. And not only that, its also because with out Suzu it's kind a depressing xD I like her very much as a friend and it hurts to see her leave. And I to have personal things going on. And I am thinking of leaving the Gyarusa. : / A Gyaru DOES NOT have to be in a circle to be Gal ... you can be Gal without one and still have you're friends and thats what i have come up with. I might just start doing my OWN thing. : D Maybe if I come clear with my mind and made all my right decisions i might also be able to post new interesting things and feel much better. I know that is no excuise but that's how I feel right now. : (

I will try to do my best in the future and will be honest and try everything I can to improve my so called "Gyaru-Self" xD

Much Love

-Tanee xoxo

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