Freitag, 29. April 2011

New Layout for our Gyarusa

Hi there again! 

I actually wanted to show you all how i managed to change our Blog for the HimeBerry Gal-Sa and i created a new designed Header for us, cause actually I had enough of the "Little Miss Princess" thing, our old header that was actually also to see in my Blog as the Header. And i decided to go somewhere Nightlife-ish. And thought then, "Hey why don't you set it up with a few Pics and a little Bling. Cause what i saw, is that this whole Princess, white-baby-pink, is going all to the wrong way, what i think is a bit OUT! Now that the summertime is actually coming up, and tho i want to also get my girls into going into Bars and Clubs and having fun, wearing of course hot outfits like WOOO! I kind came up with that brand new designed Header! That Header has a lot of those kind of Ideas with in it! And i thought they would all like it and they do! So if you want to visit it and leave comments, that would be very cool! Hier ist the Link:

Here I am gonna put a pic of our Header so that you can get a small look on how its looks like:

Now I am going to put up the old one, so you can see the diffrence ... xD

It is a total diffrence isn't it.
So tell me how you like and leave comments! :)

Much Love,


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