Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Chaudalyns Giveaway ; and new post!

Hi everyone ...
Its me Tanee, i havent posted in ages ... i got a bit lazy after work and so on.
I have been added by alot of Gals and Gyaruos lately and I have send friend requests as well. And one of them was a young good looking Gyaru Mama Chaudalyn! You may know her from Facebook or

Her Blog is so awsome! I love her post about Cocona! I am a huge Cocona fan (her style not her movies xD) She is also doing a very cute giveaway! 

I think her giveaway is very cute and simple. : ) The Eyelash Mascara looks very hot ... i love Eyelash Mascara! <3 

You can find her giveaway under this link: Chaudies Giveaway <3 

Well so far now ... i will be posting later : ) i will be also updating a few links of Gyaru Blogs i really love! :)

Much Love,

Tanee xoxo

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